Introduction of Project Coordinator

i-TRIBOMAT Intelligent Open Test Bed for Materials Tribological Characterisation Services (H2020 GA No. 814494) project was launched in January 2019 with the aim of building an Open Innovation Test Bed for tribological material characterization and offering corresponding services from the tribological characterization of new materials to simulation models for predicting the performance of industrial components.

By bundling the infrastructure and the know-how for characterization, and building a digital platform and material database, i-TRIBOMAT becomes the world's largest open innovation test bed for tribological material characterization and up-scaling.

i-TRIBOMAT aims to foster European Industrial Innovation by accelerating the development process of new materials and components.

In the two and a half years of i-TRIBOMAT project running, consortium partners managed to reach all the planned milestones towards setting:

  • i-TRIBOMAT service catalogue with modular structure
  • Workflows and templates for connecting data platform with tribometers
  • Materials information management system with 2nd version of i-TRIBOMAT schema released
  • i-TRIBOMAT database with over 600 records created, with test equipment and tribological tests populating the database
  • Front web interface
  • Lab-to-Field up-scaling tools
  • Single Entry Point – shareholders and business relations
  • Extensive dissemination and communication activities

The next major milestone is training the recruited translators – first external testers of i-TRIBOMAT value proposition and the services defined in the project. Once the services have been provided, translators will be in charge of “translating” the services results so that they can be understood by the companies and capture industry needs and translate them into tribological characterisation workflows that will be covered by the OITB.

Also, Open Call for Early Adopters will be organized by the end of the year 2021. Early Adopters will be SMEs acting as potential customers to test the i-TRIBOMAT unique selling points and different services that the Test Bed can offer to the companies. Translators will work in close collaboration with the Early Adopters, explaining them how to implement different services for their specific technical needs.

Expression of Interest for Translators Network and Early Adopters Open Call

Prior to launch of THE EUROPEAN TRIBOLOGY CENTER, our Single Entry Point, to the market, i-TRIBOMAT project is to test the value proposition and the services defined in the project. To do so, we have made an open call to recruit Translators. For the sake of transparency an Expression of Interest call was implemented in May 2021, to select the members of this network.

After internal evaluation of applicants, finally we have chosen 6 highly professional applicants. Who did we search for?

  • Tribology experts who “translate” the meaning of the services test results for their product or material
  • Business/technological consultants who communicate the benefits of a European-wide operating OITB

Translators will act as i-TRIBOMAT ambassadors, explaining to potential customers i-TRIBOMAT unique selling point and which are the different services that the Test Bed offers to the companies with the last aim of in identifying potential customers.

Summing up, i-TRIBOMAT Translator will:

  • Disseminate the Early Adopters Open Call and i-TRIBOMAT value proposition
  • Support the companies in fulfilling the Open Call application converting their requirements into specifications compatible with i-TRIBOMAT services
  • Support the companies when dealing with the SEP and the service provider
  • Explain the technical results to the customers if it is required

On top of that and to test the services defined, the project will recruit several Early Adopters, SMEs and other companies, that will play the role of i-TRIBOMAT first customers. These companies will test not only the portfolio of services that the OITB provides, but the SEP, the marketing campaigns, the translators network, the dissemination and the communications activities. As these services are trials and primarily aimed at providing room for services improvement, the costs will not be invoiced to the Early Adopters but covered by the project budget. For the sake of transparency an Open Call mechanism will be implemented to select the companies that will play the Early Adopters role.

More on the entire recruitment process can be found on our website.

Dissemination and communication activities


i-TRIBOMAT held a special session at the LUBMAT 2020, jointly organized by JOST and Fundacion Tekniker, held on December 15, from 11:00 to 17:00.

Our consortium partners were presenting different developments – digital services and digital business models in tribology, procedures to harmonize tribological testing, Internet of Tribology – how we are designing a scalable and interoperable service platform of tribometers. As expected, i-TRIBOMAT fellows had a lot of discussions with variety of leading industry players and professionals from academia. Our presentations initiated a dialogue towards finding the new development solutions for challenges in the tribological materials characterization field.

Digital Impuls Awards 2021 Austria – i-TRIBOMAT in top 3 digitalisation projects

i-TRIBOMAT and AC2T research GmbH won the 3rd place in the category INNOVATION for the best digitalisation project of Austria, during a live event Digital Impuls Award 2021 Austria.

Between 180 projects submitted in total, i-TRIBOMAT was entlisted in the top 3.

i-TRIBOMAT E-Mail Newsletter No.2